You don’t like to spend time outside

For us, this is a big one. We live in one of the most beautiful places in the entire world. Surrounded by lakes, rivers, and forests, we have a unique opportunity to enjoy the beautiful nature everywhere in Northern Michigan. So if you are not enjoying your backyard, it might be time to make a change. With such short summers, each summer day and evening is a unique opportunity to be outside soaking up the sunlight and clean Northern Michigan air. We would suggest you ask yourself these questions: Why am I not drawn to my backyard (or front yard for that matter)? Is there a simple fix for what makes me not want to go spend time there? What is my goal for my outdoor space that would help my entire family desire to be together outside?

Your yard is a disaster

We all know that neighbor. The yard is overgrown, you can’t really see what grass there is left, the mulch has basically turned back into dirt, and there are coop cars and buckets strewn about. A yard that is a disaster is no fun for the homeowners or the surrounding neighbors.
Considering a well maintained landscape can seriously add to your home value, it is important to remember a poorly maintained one can detract from it. Many times, yards are poorly maintained because there are no defined spaces, available storage, or the homeowners lack the proper tools or knowledge to get it put together. A ‘disaster’ yard can be an easy fix and turn a place you dread into one you love.

You have ideas but no expertise

Landscaping, especially working with hardscapes like brick paver patios or retaining walls, are not easy to design and install. There are many things homeowners can do themselves to maintain and cultivate a beautiful landscape, however if your ideas include projects that utilize stone or involve planting, we would recommend you consult a landscaper first. Paver patios that are poorly done can quickly turn into a disaster and make your backyard a hazard and a place you do not want to be.

Your investment in your landscape may be simple, even buying a few annual flowers to plant around your deck, or it could be a much larger investment. Either way, we believe that families should have a place to come together, to rest and relax, and to find peace after a crazy day. To us, that place is outdoors!