Landscape Trends for 2020

Top Landscape Trends of 2020

As in any industry, it is important to analyze and report trends and popular items each year. The landscape industry compiles the top client ‘asks’ as well as reporting from landscape companies across the country each year to give us their best prediction of what will be popular. We dove into these lists and combined them with some things our clients have been asking for, and we are happy to present to you our top 3 landscape trends of 2020!

1. Blue…well everything and anything

Whether in stone or in the garden bed, shades of blue have been growing in popularity at a steady rate. Ideas to incorporate this into your outdoors space could be a simple sculpture or water feature. If you are planning a patio, stone comes (natural or manufactured) in nearly any hue—check out some of the photos below. Hydrangea, globe thistle, or grape hyacinth could be great additions to your garden to bring in that blue shade as well. Container gardens or hanging baskets are an excellent way to work in blue through something less permanent (annual flower plantings). Even blue accent pillows on your outdoor furniture are an option to play around with this trend. If blue is your thing, a landscape designer can work hints of it into your plan as they work.

hydrangea plant

outdoor patio

2. Intricate and Geometric Hardscape Projects

As hardscape manufactures become more and more creative with their products and designs, installers are learning new ways to show off these products. Patterns like waves, chevron, lattice, and basket weave are all styles that are popping up everywhere. Your outdoor space is becoming much more of a way to express yourself than ever before. Whatever your style, there is a hardscape product and pattern to fit.

3. Backyard as a true living space

As more and more calls come in, the main item on everyone’s checklist is an outdoor space that functions like another room in your home. People are loving elaborate outdoor kitchens or even a simple cook center, using their outdoor space to function as their primary kitchen in the summer months. A patio doubles as a dining room and entertainment space as well. Nearly every project has some sort of fire element involved, allowing homeowners to enjoy their investment both earlier and longer into the season. Having a space to enjoy at home that will last for years to come is certainly one of the top trends of 2020.

outdoor sitting area with bar and patio