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How to Spruce Up the Front of Your House

When many people think landscaping, they immediately gravitate to typical backyard or water front projects such as a fire pit, a patio to grill on, or an outdoor kitchen. Landscaping the front of your home is truly just as important as what is behind the scenes in the backyard. Remember when you do end up putting your house for sale the power of just ‘driving’ by a home before looking inside—they are just seeing the front of your home for the most part, so let’s make a good impression!

Front Yard Landscaping Idea 1-Create privacy…or not

It seems especially in Northern Michigan, nosy neighbors and tourists tend to overstep a bit peeking into beautiful homes throughout the area. Several clients in the past have mentioned their ring doorbells have caught many the window peeker! How can you help avoid this problem but still have great curb appeal? Creating a green or ‘living’ wall of shrubs, bushes, or trees is a great way to keep your view out of the front of your home beautiful and boost curb appeal. For some, the view of the water that surround beautiful Traverse City is right out their FRONT door, not their back. It is ok to ‘break the rules’ here and create a patio or sitting space that has an unobstructed view of the water for your family to enjoy.

Fenced House with stunning landscaping

Front Yard Landscaping Idea 2- Design your driveway

The area where a person turns into your home is usually the most visible and the most noticed. A well-designed entrance can include a privacy wall like mentioned above or something as simple as landscape beds filled with beautiful perennials. Lining your driveway in pavers if you cannot afford to do the whole driveway can really spice up the boring concrete or asphalt and create a more polished look. Many people opt for lining their driveway with greenery instead of hard material like pavers. Be sure to consider the winter months when planning your driveway so that your plants are not destroyed each year by plows or snowblowers running them over!

Walkway with Landscaping

Front Yard Landscaping Idea 3- Create a Beautiful Walkway

This idea is especially important if your perceived ‘main’ entrance is not the entrance you want visitors to use. From a natural winding stone walkway to short simple brick paver pad, adding some stone material to the front of your house can make a huge difference and help to direct people where you want them to go (check out the wow factors of our project below).

Stunning Front of a Landscaped house

Front Yard Landscaping Idea 4-Make your Front Entrance or Porch Shine

The natural beauty that surrounds Northern Michigan can be echoed in the front porch design of your home. We love to recommend a mix of stone and wood-like products as shown in the photos below.

Front Door with stones steps

Front Yard Landscaping Idea 5- Add Landscape Beds and Maintain What You Already Have

Something as simple as adding landscape beds around the front of your home can really brighten its appearance. If you don’t have the budget to take on a major project right now, the BEST thing to do is to just maintain what you already have. Creating new natural bed edges for the landscape beds and adding a 1” layer of mulch can brighten everything up. Try fertilizing your lawn this year to help your lawn be lusher and greener as well!

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