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Great curb appeal really begins with the appearance of your lawn. Everyone longs for a lush, weed-free, green turf, but it is not easy to achieve on your own. Mowing a lawn can be a headache for both homeowners and property managers, as it not only consumes a good chunk of time each week, but it requires a person and the equipment to complete the job. The foundation of our maintenance program begins with first addressing the health of your turf. Learn more about the lawn maintenance programs we offer below.

Weekly Lawn Maintenance


During peak growing season, our team clears debris and trash from your landscape and mows the turf using the latest equipment on the market. Your property will have those longed for perfect lines in the turf after we finish.

Line Trimming

All areas around the perimeter of your property, such as where the turf meets the curb, are trimmed each week as well. Areas like ditches are also line trimmed if the mower cannot access this area. Any vertical extrusions, like light poles or flag poles, are also trimmed.

Clearing and Cleaning

After mowing and trimming are completed, your hardsurfaces and landscape beds are cleaned with our commercial-grade backpack blowers to leave the property looking neat and tidy.

Bi-Weekly Edging

During peak growing season, edging occurs where all concrete meets the grass. This allows for a crisp and clean line and no overgrowth onto sidewalks or walkways.

Hardsurface Cleaning and Clearing

Many commercial properties request that we also clear hardsurfaces each week. This is an additional service, not included with our typical lawn maintenance package. We remove all trash and debris, and apply weed killer in cracks and near any vertical extrusions to keep the hardsurfaces looking neat and clean as well.

Turf Fertilization Programs

Program Specifics

We typically recommend 5 applications of fertilizer every season. These applications are spread out over the months of April-October depending on the weather conditions. Our Green Team division provides all fertilization services to our clients. Green Team applicators are dedicated solely to fertilization and lawn care and all hold certified pesticide applicator licenses. Click here to learn more about our Green Team division.


Application 1 consists of a pre-emergent crabgrass control with a balanced fertilizer with slow release for extended color. Applications 2 and 4 consist of a balanced fertilizer with slow release for extended color and weed control. Application 3 is a summer turf builder with a slow release formula for extended color. The final application (5) is a winterizer with a slow release balanced fertilizer for extended feeding and root development.


In addition to fertilization, we now offer applications of Hydretain. This product helps manage soil moisture between rainfall or irrigation. Hydretain is fully biodegradable, contains no toxic runoff chemicals, and helps protect the environment by reducing the amount of time you need to water your grass. In addition, it helps prevent drought stress or disease caused by overwatering, leaving your grass looking healthy and green no matter what the weather.

Robotic Battery Powered Mowers

Meet the newest member of the TruNorth Landscaping team, the Automower® by Husqvarna. This little robotic mower has a ton to offer your outdoor space. TruNorth will be selling, installing, servicing, and offering maintenance plans to partner with your new robotic mower.

The Automower® is the easiest way to green, healthy, perfect lawn, 24/7. This emission-free, battery-operated robotic mower is great for the environment and for your grass. The Automower® can tackle uneven terrain, hills, and is even weather-proof. With several models to choose from, the Automower® comes with Bluetooth, Cellular, and GPS capabilities. The easy-to-use app can help you ensure your lawn is looking great without even having to step outside. By cutting small amounts each day, clippings are put back into the soil as a natural fertilizer for your grass.

As the highest-rated robotic lawn mower on the market, the Automower® is both quiet and efficient. Since it runs on batteries, it is emission-free and the energy consumption is extremely low.

Whether you plan to install it yourself, or partner with TruNorth for installation, the Husqvarna Automower® saves you money, protects the environment, and gives you your time back. To learn more about the benefits an Automower® can bring to your lawn and the maintenance plans we offer to partner with your new robotic mower, email us at or simply fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page!

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