Seasonal Property Care

Spring Clean Up | Fall Clean Up | Pre Winter Cutback | Winter Burlap Installation | Comprehensive Snow Removal

TruNorth Landscaping offers Seasonal Property care to meet your needs throughout the year. We offer Fall clean-ups and Pre-winter cut backs, winter burlap installation, spring clean-ups, and comprehensive snow removal services. Maintenance of your property throughout each season keeps it looking great when you want to use it most.

Fall Clean-Up/ Pre-Winter Cut Back

  • Leaf and twig removal- this is the most commonly known clean up necessity. We will remove leaves from your landscape beds, shrubs, hardscapes, and lawn. We will dispose of the leaves and twigs for you.
  • Protect trees and turf-we recommend a final cutback of your lawn as well as a final fertilization for plants and turf. See Lawn Maintenance Services and Landscape and Plant Care.
  • Pruning- it is important to remember that not all plants should be pruned back for winter-especially shrubs and trees. We will cut back the appropriate perennials so they can remain in great health when spring comes along. Finally, we will remove annuals as needed.

Winter Burlap Installation

We will assess your property and recommend which trees, shrubs, or bushes should be wrapped in burlap. This will prevent winter burn and help to keep your vulnerable plants healthy.

Spring Clean-Up

  • Leaf and twig removal- we will remove any leftover leaves and twigs from your landscape beds, shrubs, hardscapes and lawn.
  • Landscape Bed Management- we will edge all landscape beds and tree circles, apply pre-emergent weed control, and install premium mulch to refresh your beds.
  • Apply pest control to plants and lawn- we recommend a dormant oil application on specific plants to help control plant pest issues, as well as, applying a pre-emergent crab grass control. See Lawn Maintenance Services and Landscape and Plant Care.
  • Pruning and cutting back any plants that need to be dealt with after winter

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