Outdoor Kitchen and Entertainment Spaces

Think Outdoor Planters for Additional Seating at Parties

It’s a sellers’ market, so does curb appeal really still matter? Many homes are moving very quickly, while some listings remain stagnant. The difference between a bidding war between buyers on your home and little interest frequently comes down to the outside appearance of your home. Local realtor Sam Flamont with The Mitten Real Estate Group stressed the importance of curb appeal. Sam states ” Buyers are always doing drive-bys of properties. I have had numerous clients cancel a showing after driving by a house because they didn’t like the way it looked from the road. Curb appeal sets you apart. It is literally the foot in the door you need to stay ahead of other homes. Buyers are looking for a clean and well-kept exterior. Manicured lawn and flowers/shrubs that are maintained are key as well. Sam noted also the uptick of interest in having an outdoor living space or hardscapes. Overall, having well-kept lawns, plants, and flowers along with hardscapes that are professionally done can make a great impression if you are looking to sell or improve your home!