Have you been struggling to find a lawn care solution that meets the needs of your commercial property? Maybe having someone on staff mow the lawn isn’t working out well or maybe you want more regular lawn mowing than a professional company can provide.

Either way, in a world where technology continues to reshape our daily lives, it’s no surprise that innovations have reached the realm of lawn care. Robotic lawn mowers are the latest trend in landscaping technology, offering convenience and efficiency for homeowners.

But can a robotic lawn mower really handle a large commercial property? Let’s look at the benefits and drawbacks of robotic lawn mowers so you can make an informed decision.

1. Do robotic lawn mowers really save you time?

One of the primary advantages of the robotic lawn mower is its’ ability to work tirelessly, day or night, to keep your lawn perfectly manicured. After your robotic mower is installed and programmed, you do not even need to tell the mower to go out and mow each day, it runs the program each and every day, starting over once it has completed its route.

By following these pre-programmed schedules, it ensures that your grass remains at an optimal length without any effort on your part.

robotic lawn mower cuts grass near road

2. Can robotic lawn mowers handle a larger property?

Not all robotic lawn mowers can handle a commercial property. It is important to consult with a professional when selecting the model you would like to mow at your property. Husqvarna makes a variety of models that are built with commercial properties in mind. We wrote an entire blog about the models that well sell and install, so you can get an idea of which model may be a good fit for your property.

It is important to note that if you have a property that has many small areas of grass with concrete sidewalks or parking areas and no larger grass areas, a robotic lawn mower may not be a great fit. While they can be programmed to drive from lawn area to lawn area, they cannot climb curbs and avoid fast moving vehicles. Many commercial businesses currently using the Husqvarna Automowers partner with a professional company that handles trimming their islands, while the robotic mower does the rest. Some businesses have multiple mowers that operate on their property each day leaving the entire property looking freshly mowed every day.

hand holding phone with app open for running robotic mower

3. Do robotic lawn mowers leave your grass looking like it was professionally mowed?

If you had asked this question even a few years ago, the answer would have been absolutely not. However, with the new Husqvarana Automower, your lawn looks like it was professionally maintained everytime. Your lawn is freshly mowed 24/7, as your little mower goes out and mows each and every day. These robotic mowers work by trimming only a tiny bit of grass off the top of each grass blade every day. The result is your grass always has neat lines and looks well maintained.

Older versions of robotic lawn mowers cut in random patterns, leaving your lawn looking a bit wild. The Husqvarna Automower can mow in a variety of patterns and provide that neat lawn line look many commercial companies desire.

aerial photo of robotic mower and grass

4. Are robotic lawn mowers better for the environment?

Like most other commercial companies, you are likely looking for a ways to make your company more sustainable. Husqvarna Automowers are fully electric, meaning zero emissions into the environment. Since they do not take any gas or oil, there is no smell emitted and no risk of spills. Automowers are also extremely quiet, which cuts down on noise pollution at your property.

If you’re environmentally conscious and looking for ways to reduce your carbon footprint, a robotic lawn mower might be a step in the right direction.

In addition, robotic lawn mower are great for the health of your grass as well. The extra sharp blades make cleaner a smaller cuts than larger traditional mowers, which helps to prevent disease. Their lightweight design also helps to compact soil less, allowing air, water, and nutrients to better reach the roots of your grass. The little pieces of grass trimmed during each mowing session fall into your grass and turn into a natural fertilizer.

robotic mower at docking station

5. How does pricing of robotic lawn mowers compare to professional lawn mowing?

Pricing for the Husqvarna Automower is comparable to the cost of professional lawn mowing or purchasing a large commercial lawn mower. Mowers range from $700 to $5,000 depending on the model you select and which features it includes. Installation starts at $795, but once it is installed there are no additional fees.

Your robotic mower will need regular cleaning and maintenance, which consists of replacing blades. The blades are $30 for a set of 9 standard blades. If you want to clean and maintain your mower yourself, the maintenance and wheel brush kits are around $120. There are no additional or hidden fees. There are no other service fees or visits that are not included.

One other thing that should be considered when discussing pricing is that the mower cannot trim, edge, or blow. These three services are typically included with professional mowing services. Our Green Team division offers add-on service plans to help meet these needs and to help with maintenance and storage as well.

Deciding if a robotic mower is right for your commercial property

Robotic lawn mowers can really be a game changer for your commercial property if you are seeking a convenient and efficient way to maintain your lawn. While they are certainly not right for every commercial property, consider asking your current provider if they can include an option for robotic mowing on your yearly lawn maintenance quote. That way you can compare pricing and effectively way your options.

Want to learn more about if robotic lawn mowers are a good option for your commercial property? Fill out our contact form or visit Green Team’s, our lawn care division, website.

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