Creating a beautiful and functional outdoor space doesn’t have to break the bank. While it is true that the costs of nearly everything are rising, it doesn’t mean that designing and installing an outdoor living space or beautiful front entrance to your home is impossible.

With thoughtful planning and strategic choices, you can achieve a stunning landscape that enhances your property without draining your wallet.

Let’s explore several budget-friendly landscaping tips and discuss the advantages of partnering with a professional landscaping company to bring your vision to life.

Decide Your Reason for Landscaping

Before diving into hiring a landscaper, it is crucial to identify your goals. While your entire property may need a landscaping renovation, decide what is most important to you and your family.

Are you looking to enhance curb appeal? Installing a beautiful hardscape walkway and plantings may be the best project for you to tackle.

Want to get your family outdoors more and increase the usability of your space by creating a cozy retreat? Consider installing a patio with ample area for seating and maybe even a fire pit.

circular patio with chairs and small stone wall

Many landscaping companies are happy to partner with you and complete your project in phases. It is important to mention this to your landscape designer so that your entire project can be considered. You want the front and back of your home to feel like they effortlessly flow from one area to another. It can be challenging and costly to add a landscaping element to an already completed landscape design after installation.

If you want both improved curb appeal and an outdoor living area, decide which is most important and begin with that. Phase two can include renovating an area that is a bit less important.

Choose Perennials Over Annuals

When it comes to plant selection, opt for perennials instead of annuals. Perennials are plants that come back year after year, eliminating the need for constant replanting. This saves money in the labor costs of planting and removing annual flowers each year as well as the plants themselves.

flowers in landscape bed near healthy green grass

While annuals provide a great burst of color, perennials offer long-term beauty, often requiring less maintenance and cost over time. They will grow larger each year if cared for properly, providing more beautiful foliage and blooms each season. Additionally, consider local native plants, as they are typically well-suited to your climate and soil conditions. They will need less fertilization, maintenance, and are less likely to need to be replaced after installation.

When your budget allows, you can consider adding pops of annual color throughout your property in container gardens that can easily be replanted each year or left in storage if money is tight.

Select Affordable Hardscaping Material

Hardscaping elements, such as patios or walkways, can significantly impact your landscape budget. Hardscape products and labor are typically the most expensive part of a landscape project. To keep costs in check, choose affordable materials, like concrete pavers instead of natural stone.

patio with outdoor games on it

Natural stone also tends to cost more for installation as well, especially if you select an irregular flagstone pattern. Experts have to sometimes hand cut each particular stone to fit into the pattern they design at your property.

While natural stone is beautiful, manufactured stone still offers a polished and functional outdoor space at a fraction of the cost. With today’s technology, the manufactured stone color, shape, size, and texture choices are endless!

Making a Decision on Fire Elements

Most homeowners want a fire element in their outdoor space to keep warm on during those cooler Northern Michigan nights. While fire elements do add some cost to your outdoor project, they are well worth the investment. Try selecting a fire pit over a fireplace. Firepits use less material and require a lot less labor. If you really hope to have a fireplace installed, consider adding it in upcoming phases.

small patio and firepit

Try Mulch Instead of Stone

Mulch is a great cost-effective alternative to stone in landscape beds. Not only does it add a neat and tidy appearance to your landscape, it helps to retain moisture, suppress weeds, and improve soil quality. Mulch comes in a variety of types and colors as well, allowing you to customize the look of your outdoor space while staying within your budget.

aerial photo of lawn and retaining wall with plantings in landscape bed with mulch

It is important to consider that mulch needs to be installed every year, as over the winter months it decomposes. Professionals are typically the best choice to install mulch, as they lay down a weed control product before installation and work quickly and effectively. However, if you have the time and resources to install mulch on your own, it can be a great DIY project in the future to save money.

DIY When Possible

While professional landscaping services can offer expertise and efficiency, there are many aspects of landscaping that you can tackle yourself. Consider taking on tasks such as demolition of your existing landscape, mulch installation, and landscape maintenance if you have the time and resources.

We do not recommend installing any hardscape project on your own. Hardscape projects installed the wrong way can be dangerous and cause potential damage to your property.

Partnering with a Landscaping Contractor Who Will Work with Your Budget

Choosing to work with a professional landscaping contractor doesn’t have to be a budget breaking decision. In fact, hiring a professional can often save you money in the long run. Experienced landscapers have the knowledge to make cost effective choices, access to quality materials at better prices, and the skills to complete projects efficiently.

When selecting a landscaping contractor, look for those who are willing to work with your budget. Some companies tend to only complete smaller projects and others very large projects, and great companies will let you know if they are not a good fit for the work you are looking to have done.

By sharing your budget with the landscape company of your choice, you can avoid going over budget or working with a company that isn’t right for your project. Communicate your budget clearly, and collaborate on a plan that aligns with your goals without compromising quality. A reputable landscaping company can guide you in making informed decision, ensuring that your investment is worth it.

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