5 Reasons Your Lawn is Not Rebounding This Spring

As spring is upon Northern Michigan, and the snow is now melted off the front yard, you may look out and see brown…brown grass, brown, washed out landscape beds, brown, leafless trees. After a bitterly cold winter, how do you even begin to get a once thriving yard back in tip-top shape? The solution to your lawn rebounding this spring starts with exposing common myths about lawn care. Remedying these five myths will help your lawn return to the beautiful green it once was:

Myth One: Well, the snow hit before I got a chance to rake my yard. My lawn will bounce back on its own.

Removal of last year’s leaves and grass clippings is going to be an important job. Using a hard rake, remove the matted down leaves/leftovers from last year. If any spots look bald or dead, use your rake to loosen up the soil. This will allow for fertilizer to work its way down and the seeds to find a place to grow. This myth is one that can easily be prevented with a fall cleanup.

Myth Two:  April showers bring May flowers. The rain we get during Spring is enough.

Watering is one of the easiest steps to maintain your lawn throughout the season. If your grass is especially crispy and/or lifeless, this step is extremely
important. Kicking up watering times can bring the green back into your yard quite quickly. Lawns need 1”-2” of water each week with more in the hotter months. Watering, especially in the early morning hours before sunrise, is a great way to sustain a lush, green lawn.

Myth Three:  I only need to fertilize my lawn once or twice to keep it going.

Just a few applications of fertilizer a year will NOT do the trick. Fertilizer is actually one of the most underutilized tools when trying to repair or maintain a lawn. There are multitudes of products to choose from to meet your specific needs if your concern is pesticides; there are many organic products available now too. Early season applications are necessary to bring the green back into your lawn, and using a spreader is essential to ensure an even application, and without it, your lawn may be left looking a bit stripy. There are numerous types of fertilizer on the market, so do your research. Make sure to put on the correct amount of fertilizer each application, the correct type of fertilizer for the time of year, and follow the instructions for watering recommendations. Wondering how many times to fertilizer your turf? Check out this blog.

Myth Four:  If I cut my grass shorter, it will grow back faster and healthier.

This is one of the most common myths out there! Improper mowing can cause your grass to lose its color and will not result in faster growth or a healthier lawn. Keep your mower on the higher setting, leaving your lawn longer after it is cut. This will result in you having to cut more often, however, it will keep your lawn looking much healthier. If possible, try to mow often enough that you can mulch the clippings, which will result in your lawn looking greener. Finally, be sure to sharpen the blades on your mower at least once a year.

Myth Five:  Insects and lawn diseases are just a nuisance, and they won’t really affect the appearance of my lawn.

While at first glance, this statement may seem true, grubs, insects, and turf diseases can kill off your lawn, causing large areas to brown and then die. Taking care of these issues at the earliest sign is a good idea to avoid future costly problems.

Revitalizing your lawn can be done, but it takes a lot of work. Fixing an ugly lawn is sometimes a job best left to professionals. If you need any help with this process, please don’t hesitate to contact us! To learn about other landscape and turf maintenance services we provide, check out our ultimate guide to landscape maintenance services.  In the end, a beautiful yard where your family can play is certainly worth it.

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