What is a retention wall technically?

Simply speaking, it is a wall that holds back earth or water. They are commonly featured in landscapes for more than just that purpose though. They are frequently made of wood, stone blocks, boulders, or concrete.

Why would I need one on my property?

1. Erosion issues
2. To divert water
3. To break up/create definition and terraces on a hill
4. To create useable space- many are installing ‘seat walls’ which is basically a small retaining wall that is used for seating around a firepit or the retaining wall could create a space make land flat and usable for seating, a table, etc.

Can it be a DIY project?

While there are many things homeowners can do on their own, installing a retaining wall is not one we recommend, especially if it is to remedy an erosion issue or to divert water. If the goal is to create usable space, it is important that the ground is made level and the wall is constructed sturdily, and professionals know how to do this the right way. A falling down retaining wall is quite an eyesore on a property, can cause damage, and can be dangerous for your family.