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You have tried pretty much everything to help your lawn look greener. Fertilization? Check. Regular watering? Check. Proper mowing techniques? Check. So why is your grass left looking lackluster year after year?

Having dull-looking grass can be frustrating, especially if you are investing time and money into improving it. There are several factors that can impact how green your grass looks from temperature to fertilization to sun exposure. Some of these elements are out of your control, but there is one additional product you can try to help green up your grass this season.

Let’s look at Hydretain and how it can help your lawn become the envy of all your neighbors (and help protect the environment too).

What is Hydretain?

Hydretain is a lawn and plant treatment that helps use moisture (water) that would otherwise be lost to evaporation. It attracts moisture vapor in the soil and condenses that vapor back into plant-usable water droplets. This treatment helps your plantings manage their soil moisture, which can help reduce drought stress during the hot summer months.

While this sounds interesting, you might be wondering what are the actual benefits of applying Hydretain to your turf or plantings. Hydretain has been proven to have the following benefits:

  • Water Use Reduction
    • Hydretain allows you to use up to 50% less water to keep your plantings and grass in optimal health.
    • The levels of moisture are kept consistent in your plants. There is no drying out when it is excessively hot and then oversaturating after damage has been done.
    • Overwatering your lawn and plants leads to disease. Giving your plants the right amount of water can help prevent fungus from taking hold.
  • Increased Plant Survival & Health
    • Your plantings having the right amount of water prevents brown grass and wilting plants. While brown spots in grass or initial wilt can sometimes be turned around, when plants go too long without adequate water, they may need to be replaced completely.
    • When your grass is drought stressed, it becomes a breeding ground for weeds to take over!
  • Environmentally Friendly
    • Hydretain is fully biodegradable and contains no phosphates, petrochemicals, or other toxic fractions which may cause groundwater or runoff contamination.
    • While it is not certified organic, it is certified as 93% biobased and designated safe to use on both commercial and residential fruit and vegetable gardens.

Treated vs. Untreated Lawn

This photo shows the very first test of Hydretain on turfgrass. The entire lawn was as green and healthy looking as the center section prior to a six week drought.

The Hydretain Difference in Container Plantings

Left Image Planter Untreated; Right Image Planter Treated with Hydretain

The Hydretain Difference on Turf

Before and After Hydretain Application at Baseball Field

Treated vs. Untreated Begonia Plantings

Begonias were planted on June 1st. Plants on the left were treated one week after planting. Both were watered at the time of application. The flowers on the right have been watered to keep them alive. The only water the treated plants received was rainwater. No fertilizer was applied to either side. Picture was taken on August 5th.

Using Hydretain in Northern Michigan

This product to make your lawn greener in Northern Michigan is especially important. The majority of our area has excessively sandy soils. Sandy soils drain more quickly, meaning plants do not have as much time to get the moisture they need. Hydretain holds moisture within the root zone which allows plants the time to uptake this available moisture.

It is important to understand that Hydretain is not a replacement for regular fertilization. It does not contain plant ‘food’ that can help your grass get the nutrients it needs. However, it has been proven to make fertilization more effective and reduce runoff from fertilization as you do not need to water your grass right after fertilization if you are utilizing Hydretain. Because it is not fertilizer and is biodegradable, there is no wait time to use your outdoor space for yourself, your children, or your pets after application.

Some of the most significant reasons to consider trying Hydretain are not only for greener grass. It is a valuable tool to help preserve water, reduce runoff, and save you money.

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