Finding landscaping services in the Northern Michigan area can be really challenging. There are so many companies to choose from it can be hard to tell the differences and similarities between each.

So how do you begin to select a landscaping company that is right for your commercial or residential landscaping project?

One of the best ways is to compare your top landscaping design and build contenders to see which is the best choice for you. If you have had experience working with landscaping contractors in the past, you know that each company can be really quite different. Taking the time to do some research and explore your options can help you feel confident with your choice.

Let’s compare Todd’s Services to TruNorth Landscaping so you know what each company has to offer.

Who is Todd’s Landscaping Services?

When researching landscaping companies, a great place to start is exploring their website. Take some time to look at their galleries, blogs, or about us pages.

On Todd’s Landscaping Services webpage, we learned the company was founded in the downstate area of Michigan in 1979 and has locations in Ann Arbor, Brighton, Fenton, Howell, South Lyon, West Bloomfield, and Farmington Hills. They opened up a branch in 2023 in the Traverse City area, with their office being located in the Kingsley area.

Todd’s also appears to have a very large team, but we are not sure about the size of the Traverse City branch in particular. The about us page gives a little bit of additional information about their core values as well.

We also believe it is important to know details about the values and team at a company before hiring them, which is why we include a video on our about page that talks a little about who are. While both Todd’s and TruNorth are family-owned, TruNorth Landscaping was founded in Traverse City and only has one location with our office located in Traverse City, which includes both a planting and hardscape showcase area for clients to walk through.

trees and plantings at entrance to commercial property

At TruNorth Landscaping, our goal is to build life-long connections with each of our clients, which is why we only perform services in the areas we live and work. For the past ten years, we have had extensive experience dealing with landscaping issues that are unique to the Northern Michigan area, such as shoreline restoration, waterfront permitting, and aggressive invasive species.

Comparing Services in the Grand Traverse and Leelanau County Area

One of the most important aspects of choosing a landscaping company is learning about the services they offer.

Todd’s Services offers many of the same services we do at TruNorth Landscaping. They primarily offer residential landscaping design and build projects like retaining walls or firepits and it looks like they also offer commercial landscaping, snow, and lawn maintenance tasks, just like we do.

TruNorth Landscaping does appear to offer some services that Todd’s Services does not:

  • Residential Landscape Maintenance Programs– At TruNorth Landscaping, we offer customized comprehensive landscape maintenance to the Grand Traverse and Leelanau County area for both commercial AND residential clients. Our packages are tailored to whatever your property needs, whether it is cleaning up your beach before you arrive at your Leland cottage for the weekend or fertilizing your grass so you have the best-looking lawn on the block.
  • Robotic Lawn Mowers– A few years ago, TruNorth Landscaping purchased another local lawn care company in order to offer more robust lawn care services to our clients. Since this acquisition, we have now become authorized Husqvarna dealers, which means we can sell, service, and install robotic lawn mowers.
  • Pest Control Services– We offer both mosquito, flea, and tick spray as well as perimeter pest control spray. You can add this on to any landscape maintenance package or simply use our Green Team division for pest control.
  • Organic Services– We offer organic options for both lawn care and pest control for both commercial and residential clients.

landscape maintenance expert mows lawn

Comparing Online Reviews and Resources

One of the quickest ways to learn about a company is to quickly scan their online reviews and resources. Here are some highlights from each company’s Google profile:

  • Todd’s Services– Hours, address, a few photos, and phone number are listed for the google profile as well as a brief description. They have two client reviews.
  • TruNorth Landscaping– Hours, address, lots of photos, videos, and phone number are listed in the google profile. There is a more detailed description as well as updates that link to informational blogs as well. TruNorth has 33 reviews from clients.

In addition to online reviews, looking at the resources each company provides their clients can be helpful. During your project, it can be difficult to make decisions on things like materials or paver patterns for example. TruNorth Landscaping has both a learning center and a blog that are free, whether you are a customer or not.

We also offer case study features found under our blog tab that talk about the details of a project. These case studies can help you understand how we overcome challenges and may give inspiration for how to use landscaping to solve problems at your property too.

We couldn’t find a blog, case studies, or learning center for customers on Todd’s Services website.

Comparing Awards and Associations

Todd’s Services and TruNorth Landscaping both belong to many of the same organizations and have won awards. Organizations like the National Association of Landscape Professionals offer resources to the companies that join that help them operate more safely and effectively at your property. We love to see other landscaping companies invest both their time and money into furthering the professionalism of the industry.

TruNorth Landscaping has won several Michigan Nursery and Landscaping Association awards as well as being the Grand Award Winner this year for a project located in downtown Traverse City. We have also won several Gold Awards at the National Association of Landscape Professionals, which competes with projects across the nation for both landscape design-build and landscape maintenance for our work in Northern Michigan. We found an MNLA award badge on one of the pages of Todd’s Services website as well!

Choosing a Landscaping Company that is Right for You

We know that selecting a landscaping company in the Northern Michigan area can be really tough. However, if you invest some time in researching the similarities and differences between each company you are interested in, you can end up with a finished product you love. Ultimately, you need to choose the company that you feel best aligns with your vision and goals for the property.

At TruNorth Landscaping, we would love for you to consider us as an option for landscape design, installation, and maintenance here in the Grand Traverse and Leelanau County area. We started with a vision to be different than other landscaping companies in the area, to be a life-long partner you can count on by doing things the right way the first time and not cutting corners.

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