TruNorth Landscaping Gallery of Work

Lakeside Entertainment Hardscape

Lakeside entertainment at it’s finest. This hardscape and landscape project is a fully functioning work of art. TruNorth Landscaping never fails to delight clients.

Lakeside Log Cabin

A vintage log cabin in a beautiful natural setting deserves a well landscaped property entrance. This meticulously bricked edged driveway and landscaped island look great from every angle.

In Town Backyard Make Over

Backyard Pool Deck

Retaining Wall and Stairs

Frank Lloyd Wright Home – Natural Walkways and Steps

Glenn Lake Storm Restoration

Green Lake – Walkway, Stairs, and Firepit

Old Mission Peninsula – Retaining Wall, Steps, and Paths

Northport – Patio, Walks, and Terrace

Rock Waterfall Feature

Black Star Farms Retaining Wall

Freeform Patio

Hardscape Landscape Display at The Concrete Services

Botanic Garden – Lucille Garden