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The age-old adage “Quality work, excellent service, or low price; you can choose two, but you can’t pick all three”, is applicable to nearly any service you have done at your home. It obviously applies to a landscape installation project as well. As much as we would love to offer the best quality work, with the absolute best service, at the rock bottom lowest price, it is impossible. So, which is most important to you? It truly is a personal choice, but let’s look at the idea from another vantage point.

Meet Tom. Tom wants to make his family some delicious BLT sandwiches for dinner. He has some things to consider when shopping:
1.He has a budget he has to stay within. (price)
2.He wants the back, lettuce, tomato, bread, and mayonnaise to be as healthy as possible. He doesn’t want bacon with a bunch of junk in it. (quality)
3.He doesn’t have time to run around to several different locations. (service)

Tom can pick from three different locations in Traverse City—Walmart, Oryanna, or Gallagher’s Market.
Walmart is super close to his house and is quick to get in and out of (service); and certainly, has all the ingredients he needs for the sandwich that would fit within his budget (price). It would save him time and money; however, Walmart rarely stocks any organic products, and if they do, they do not always look like the best quality products. If Tom chooses, Oryanna, he knows they will likely have all the items he needs, the employees are knowledgeable, and they are right downtown (service); and they will be organic or provide information on where they were sourced from (quality). However, Oryanna’s prices may be set as such that he cannot afford to buy all the ingredients there, and he may have to make a stop at another store or just leave a topping off his sandwich. Finally, if Tom chooses Gallagher’s Market, he knows he will be able to afford all the ingredients, as the produce and meat are sourced right from the farm out back (price). He knows it will be the most delicious BLT he has ever eaten considering it is on their pizza bread with locally sourced ingredients (quality). However, if Tom shows up too late in the day or on the wrong day, they may be out of the delicious pizza break. They are also out of Tom’s way.

If you were Tom, which would you pick? Is the quality really worth sacrificing if he shops at Walmart? Is the price really worth it if he selects Oryanna? Is it worth it for Tom to go out of his way to Gallagher’s when they might not even have everything he needs? No matter which place Tom selects, he is sacrificing one of the three things important to him. When you are making your choice in selecting a landscaping contractor, think about which of the three—quality work, service, or price is most important to you!