Landscape Lighting

How to Bring Your Outdoor Space to Life at Night

There is nothing worse than having to make that in the dark stumbling walk back from your outdoor space to your house after having a great night. Unlit spaces can not only be dangerous, but they fall short on highlighting the beauty that you carefully selected and invested in when building your perfect landscape and outdoor space. Landscape lighting can help draw eyes away from things you don’t want guests to see and extend your enjoyment time frame in your space. Lighting can even help to set an ambiance in your space. So how do you begin to decide what to install or where?

Gone are the days of only bright blinding white light being the only option for outdoor landscape lighting. Filters have been created to give homeowners options ranging from a warmer light to a cooler light or even colored lighting. The new color options really allow you to customize your lighting to your space and preference.
Both small ‘twinkle’ lights and large feature lights are very popular right now. Small lights can help add depth to a space and highlight landscape beds, whereas large bold lights can become a statement piece on their own. There are some really neat options ranging from globe type lights to themed type lighting (nautical) for example. Basically, any size light you would like or can dream up is now available.
In addition to theme centered lighting, lanterns are still extremely popular. New developments in the landscape lighting arena now provide environmentally friendly options as well including LED and solar powered lighting as well.

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Types of Lighting Situations

Lighting with a purpose- Task, wayfinding, and Area Lighting

  • Task lighting is lighting that is installed that makes completing a task easier—such as grilling or preparing food at an outdoor kitchen. It tends to be pretty bright and focused so that you can effectively complete the task at hand.
  • Wayfinding lighting is exactly what it sounds like, it helps people navigate your outdoor space. Lights on steps, near railings, by a fence or gate, or along a path are all considered wayfinding lights. The brightness of wayfinding lights can vary but it they need to be bright enough to help keep your guests and yourself safe when moving about your space.
  • Area lighting tends to help warm up a space or make it more comfortable for entertainment. It is not nearly as bright as task lighting, but serves a purpose of making a space useable. An example would be lighting surrounding a dining area or patio.

Lighting with style-Accent Lighting
Accent lighting is done solely for the purpose of adding beauty, interest, or highlight to your property. Some examples could be having a spotlight on a beautiful tree or water feature to underwater lighting to help that water feature really shine at night. Accent lighting allows your property to shine when the sun is down sometimes even more dramatically and beautifully.

Ways to light up your property

  • Spotlights-feature something you want highlighted in your landscape; focus on lighting up specific areas only
  • Floodlights-do exactly as their name suggest- flood a space with light
  • Silhouette effects-place light behind an object to create a silhouette effect
  • Shadow effects-place light in front of an object to create a shadow effect
  • Downlighting-useful for showing off plants closer to the ground whose beauty is on the top, on patios or outdoor seating; disperses light downward from an elevated position; the higher the more lit up an area will be
  • Uplighting-traditional type lighting installed on the ground, shines upward; showcases features and helps create attention around a point you desire to highlight

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Landscape lighting can be a relatively easy and cost-effective modification that makes an enormous impact to your outdoor space when products that are high quality our chosen. Remember they need to withstand our brutal winters, so we recommend contacting an expert to install them for you!