In today’s world, sustainability isn’t just a buzzword; it is a critical aspect of responsible business owners. With the beauty that surrounds the Traverse City area, most commercial property managers are looking to make an impact on the environment by incorporating sustainable practices.

One area where this significant impact can really make a difference is in landscaping. By adopting eco-friendly landscape techniques, you can not only reduce your environmental footprint but also enhance the aesthetic appeal and value of your property.

Let’s look at four easy-to-implement eco-friendly landscaping tips so you can start moving toward a more sustainable property.

1. Embrace Robotic Mowers

Even a few years ago, most professional landscapers would not recommend robotic mowers. They simply did not stand up against traditional professional mowing practices. However, robotic lawn mowers like the Husqvarna Automowers come highly recommended by many in the industry.

robotic lawn mower cuts grass near road

Robotic mowers offer a revolutionary approach to lawn maintenance that is both efficient and eco-friendly. These autonomous machines operate quietly and emit zero emissions, making them an ideal choice for sustainable landscaping. By using robotic mowers you can reduce fuel consumption, minimize air and noise pollution, and grow a healthier lawn. Since Automowers cut your lawn every day, you have a turf that looks freshly mowed 24/7. Only small grass clippings are cut during each mowing session and these small grass particles are dropped back into the turf, which the plant can use for energy. Less stress is put on your grass overall when very little is cut per mowing session.

Love those professional looking mow lines? Robotic mowers are equipped with sensors that not only detect obstacles, but can be used to set precise mowing patterns to ensure a uniform cut every time.

2. Harness the Power of Hydretain Applications

Hydretain is a cutting-edge soil moisture management technology that helps optimize water usage and promote healthy plant growth. By applying Hydretain to both your lawn and plantings, you can reduce water consumption by up to 50% while enhancing the drought tolerance of your plants.

This innovative solution works by attracting and retaining moisture in the root zone, ensuring plants receive the hydration they need to thrive, even during periods of water scarcity. With Hydretain you can achieve lush, green landscapes while conserving water resources and minimizing irrigation costs. Hydretain is fully biodegradable and contains no phosphates, petrochemicals, or other toxic fractions that can cause contamination. Overall, using Hydretain is a win for both your business and the environment.

lawn care expert fertilizes grass

3. Choose Native Plantings When Possible

Native plantings offer numerous environmental benefits and are well-suited to the local climate and soil conditions. By incorporating native plants into your landscape design, you can reduce water usage, minimize the need for fertilizers and pesticides, and create a habitat for native wildlife, like Monarch butterflies and bees.

native flower garden near walkway

Native plants are also inherently resilient and low-maintenance, requiring less attention and resources to thrive. Whether you’re creating a pollinator garden, restoring a natural habitat, or simply adding native species to your landscape, prioritizing native plantings is a sustainable choice that can truly end up saving money in plant replacement and maintenance services in the long run.

4. Use Brine Instead of Rock Salt in the Winter

Winters in Northern Michigan can be harsh. During our winter months, de-icing agents are necessary in order to keep your customers and employees safe. However, traditional rock salt can be harmful to vegetation, soil, and waterways, posing environmental risks that extend beyond the immediate vicinity of application.

A sustainable alternative to rock salt is brine—a solution made from salt and water that is sprayed directly onto surfaces before a snow or ice event. Brine is actually highly effective at preventing ice from forming and requires significantly less salt that traditional methods. This reduces the environmental impact and can even help the health of your landscape, as rock salt is known for damaging plants. By making the switch to brine, you can maintain a safe and accessible property while minimizing harm to the environment.

rock salt on sidewalk

Selecting a Landscape Provider that Uses Sustainable Methods

Incorporating eco-friendly landscaping practices like robotic mowers or brine into your landscaping plan can help you achieve a more sustainable business operation. By embracing these innovative solutions, you can reduce resource consumption, minimize environmental impact, and create a healthier and more attractive outdoor environment for your employees, customers, and community.

Sustainable landscape practices don’t necessarily mean services cost more, in fact, selecting native plants and utilizing products like Hydretain can actually help save you money. Discuss with your landscape provider these four eco-friendly options and  if they have any other suggestions to help make your property more green.

At TruNorth Landscaping, it is important to us to be stewards of the area we serve. We live and work here too, so we want to protect our beautiful fresh water lakes and jaw-dropping native dunes as well. We are striving to move forward in a way that honors our community and the beautiful nature that surrounds us. The four above services are all offered to each of our commercial clients, with hopes of even more sustainable options on the way.

Ready to make your commercial property more environmentally friendly? Reach out to our team today by calling 231.922.0087 or filling out our contact form. We would love to discuss how to make your property both more beautiful and sustainable.

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