The unique things we see during our travels and meetings with clients in northern Michigan are starting to not surprise us anymore! While meeting with new clients north of Traverse City, Mark and Emily were informed that the neighboring house was intentionally allowed to encroach on the side yard building set-back because they wanted to preserve the existing White Ash on the property. When you see the tree, you will understand why. The tree is a White Ash and 88″ in diameter. That is one mammoth tree regardless of what the species is, however for it to be a living White Ash with the Emerald Ash Bore causing the demise of the majority of ash in northern Michigan, that makes this tree that much more incredible. This tree is not only the largest White Ash in Michigan but also the largest White Ash tree in North America. WOW! Thankfully the owner does indeed value this tree because of the significance of the tree size and the fragile balance between life and death posed by the Emerald Ash Bore. We bookmarked that day because in the “Green Industry” and Arbor Culture Industry, especially with the loss of the majority of the Ash species in northern Michigan, you don’t see a tree like that every day, maybe not even in a lifetime. That was a Great Day!  Kudos to the professional Arborist and the tree injections that have allowed this legacy to live on. Truly a “Champion Tree” don’t you think?