re·lent·less (rĭ-lĕnt′lĭs)


  1. Unyielding in severity or strictness; unrelenting: relentless persecution.
  2. Steady and persistent; unremitting: a relentless drumbeat.

Our third core value, relentlessness, is stated: “We are relentless, especially in the face of adversity.” For us, this value plays out in so many ways. We have been relentless in our designs and in our construction. The design team of TruNorth loves to take on a challenge. Whether it is a client who is not sure what they are looking for, a difficult space, or materials that are difficult to work with, we do not stop in the design process until our client is completely satisfied. This past year, the area of construction was certainly one where we were forced to be relentless. Some of the products we worked with were very difficult to install and the coloring of the stone was inconsistent. Instead of giving up and suggesting something different or doing a subpar job, our team worked relentlessly to install the product and project our clients were promised. The result was beautiful.

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