Are you frustrated with how your landscape looks? Is it overgrown? Ugly? Or maybe just boring? A tired landscape doesn’t only make you want to stay indoors, but unfortunately, it can impact your curb appeal too. Sometimes a disaster landscape means a complete tear-out and reinstallation, but sometimes some simple repairs and renovations can help turn your struggling landscape around.

Let’s look at what portions of your landscape can be brought back to life and which need to bite the dust for good.

What’s the difference between a landscape renovation and a landscape redo?

Landscape renovations, sometimes called landscape enhancements, work with what you have existing on your property. They often do not include a landscape design plan and the work is performed by a landscape maintenance or enhancement team instead of a landscape design-build installation team. Landscape enhancement projects can be things like cleaning up overgrown landscapes, installing rock in an area, adding a small brick paver landing, or even planting a few plants in a landscape bed that looks bare.

Landscape redos, or design-build projects, involve removing all or most of your existing landscape. Landscape designers or architects would then create a plan detailing the new installments and a team would come to demolish and install your new landscape. Obviously, landscape design-build projects are significantly higher in cost and time.

Reasons to consider only doing a landscape enhancement

  1. You have a tight budget

A landscape enhancement can be done by professionals, but if you have the time, some projects are very possible for homeowners to complete. If you do not have the time, tools, or expertise to renovate your landscape, hiring a professional to rehabilitate what exists is always cheaper than removal and reinstallation. Many clients choose to do their landscape in phases in order to manage cost. If you decide you would like to completely remove and remodel a portion of your landscape along with doing a landscape enhancement, that doesn’t mean all the projects have to be done at the same time.

  1. You want your project done as quickly as possible

Design-build projects just simply take longer. Along with the physical labor taking longer because of demolition, removal, disposal, site prep, and then installation, the design phase takes time as well. Designers spend a significant amount of time with you listening to what your hopes are for the space. They then create the design and meet with you for edits.

  1. You have lots of mature and healthy plantings

Landscapes need some mature plantings in order to look full and complete. It takes newly planted landscapes years to fully mature and fill in, so if you yard has several more mature plantings that are healthy, try to keep them by trimming back and fertilizing if necessary. Established plantings bring value to your property and can be complemented by newer plantings that are more to your liking!

Signs it’s time to redo your landscaping

  1. You really don’t like how it looks, even if it were cleaned up.

If the existing landscape is not your style or does not complement the home well, removal may be the only option to align your landscape to your vision. Sometimes, certain plants are just a variety you hate and would never have selected. Maybe the hardscape material is a color that clashes with the home or the size of the plants do not provide great scale when paired with the home.

Landscape design is just like architectural design. Landscape architects and designers train for years to understand the principles of design and how to best implement them. If something feels ‘off’ about the design of your landscape, having a designer visit your property can help to pinpoint the issues. However, if you feel that even after hearing how certain plant varieties could be pruned or hardscapes adjusted, you will still really dislike the look of your landscape, it’s time to plan for removal.

  1. You need more usable space

How each family uses their outdoor space varies greatly. Homeowners with smaller children tend to want a larger grass area for their kids to play. Those with lots of family or friends that visit may want a large space to entertain. If the current landscape setup does not fit your needs for the space, it may be time to consider redoing your landscape.

  1. There is nothing to renovate with the existing landscape

Many times the landscape budget is the last item on the list when a contractor or client builds a home. After expenses trickle over in other areas, the landscaping budget can slowly get eaten up, until there is virtually nothing left. We see this issue all the time in a variety of ways. Sometimes cheap plants are purchased and placed in the wrong location. These plants don’t thrive there or grow too large for the space. In these situations, no matter what is done maintenance-wise, this portion of the landscape needs to be reworked.

If you recently moved into a new build or a home with minimal landscaping, a landscape enhancement is likely not going to be enough to give you a cohesive outdoor space. Not sure where to start with your disaster landscape? Check out this article.

Selecting a Landscape Contractor to Help

With so many landscape contractors to choose from, it can be difficult to know which company is the best choice. Selecting someone that will listen to what you want, including your budget, is really most important. Some contractors may directly tell you that a project of your size is not within their scope of work, which may seem disappointing at first, but is truly best as you want the company you select to be a great fit for the type of work you need to be completed.

Whether you decide your landscape needs some renovations or if you want to demolish the entire outdoor area and start from scratch, TruNorth Landscaping is here to help. Get started with a consultation with one of our experts!

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