When planting your gardens and planning your landscape in the spring and summer, it is important to consider the phenomenon that is the Northern Michigan winter season. Since we tend to have snow ranging from September to May at times, it is important to remember to include elements in your landscape that can peak through the snow and look beautiful in the winter. Seeing a bit of green or red can really brighten up the dreary winter season. Try adding a beautiful winter container arrangement too!

Even though there are some species of flowers that can bloom in the winter, they do not do so here. The snow blanket is usually too dense for them to be able to poke through! Here are our recommendations of what to include in your landscape for winter enjoyment:

Winter Interest Plants

  • Grasses
  • Red Twig Dogwood
  • Viburnum (some keep their berries)
  • Crocus (first flower to bloom in the spring-we usually still have snow when this happens!)
  • Trees with interesting bark
  • Evergreens
  • Winterberry or Holly

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