Real Stone

When making a product selection for a patio, steps, retaining wall, or any other hardscape project, the decision between natural and manufactured stone is a huge one. We would recommend you consider the following things:

Budget – It is everyone’s least favorite thing to talk about, but really the most important. Most folks have an idea in mind of what their space should look like, and being clear with your budget can help a designer do the best to bring your ideas to life. Natural stone is always thought of more expensive, and sometimes it truly is. However, many times natural stone is more expensive because of the extensive labor and expertise the installation requires. Stone has to be cut individually instead of having pre cast stones in the exact same shape! If natural stone is out of your budget, there are several beautiful pre cast manufactured stones to choose from!

Wear and Tear – Natural and manufactured stone both have their pros and cons. Natural stone tends to hold up in the elements a bit better. It is less likely to fade overtime and keeps its original look longer. Manufactured stone creates a much more even and level surface and can handle really any type of furniture, whereas natural stone is natural uneven and can be damaged by wrought iron furniture.

Aesthetics – If you are unsure of which you would prefer, our designer makes her recommendations on both budget, lifestyle, and aesthetics. The property itself can help to guide you in your choice of material. Is your home located on water or in the forest? What color is your home and what style? All of these things play heavily into the choices we as landscape experts make!

If you are having trouble making a decision on which choice is right for you, we would love to help! Feel free to check out some of our favorite product suppliers at: unilock.com- for inspiration in manufactured stone and for natural stone- naturalpavingusa.com Give us a call today at 231-922-0087!

Photos courtesy of unilock.com and naturalpavingusa.com