outdoor patio

With Labor Day behind us, many times cottages and second homes are closed up for the season. Rightly so, as anyone who has spent even one full winter season in Northern Michigan knows it can seem like the winter season really lasts all year! However, if you have recently invested in improving your outdoor space or are looking to invest, outdoor entertaining doesn’t have to end after Labor Day! Some well-planned spaces can keep the family fun rolling until the first big snowfall.

Heat things up

When we think of fire features, firepits or fireplaces, it typically brings a summer campfire to mind. Putting your firepit or fireplace to use in the fall and early winter is a fun filled way to enjoy the warmth that fire brings! A well-constructed firepit or fireplace can make for an awesome gathering spot!

outdoor living space with fireplace

outdoor living space with chimney fireplace

Cook Outdoors

Consider adding some outdoor kitchen features. Many times, September birthday celebrations are forced to be indoors, but having an outdoor kitchen space could allow for a hot chocolate bar or s’more bar outside for friends and family to enjoy.

outdoor grill

Plant Carefully

Having plants that bloom and thrive during different times of the year is so key in Northern Michigan. We like to suggest trees that have interesting bark or shrubs with color, like the red twig dogwood. Annual planters and perennial flowers can be selected so that they bloom in late summer, lasting sometimes into the fall!

outdoor plants

Build Some Shelter

As the winter winds move in, adding some simple shelter to your entertaining space can help you enjoy it even as temperatures drop. Your designer can present you with tons of different options from pergolas to gazebos!

outdoor sitting area with coverage