Fall Sale curb appeal banner

As the temperatures will unfortunately start cooling within the next few weeks, the housing market in Traverse City has certainly not cooled down. Homes are selling quickly and agents need listings, but how can you be sure you will get the most out of your home?

Don’t let your lawn go

Just because your lawn is not growing as quickly, it still needs to be maintained. On more gray fall days, a nice green lawn and some leaves changing colors on trees really can help your home pop. Continue to mow and fertilize through the fall season.

Add some color

Just because the usual summer annuals have died out, it doesn’t mean you should let your place look drab. Add some fall flowers, like mums, to add a pop.

Point the focus to your front door

Consider adding a beautiful fall themed wreath to add some color and texture to your home upon walking up.

Get rid of the ugly

For many perennial flowering plants or shrubs, the blooms are spent. Ugly past prime roses and daisies for example can make your property look messy and not well cared for even if you work hard to keep things maintained. If you are not ready or the plant is not ready to be cut all the way back to the ground, even removing spent blooms can make an enormous difference and can transform a sad browned landscape into an eye catching green one!


Daisies Before Prunning


Daisies After Prunning