Let’s be honest. Landscaping is usually an expensive investment.

If you choose to try to do-it-yourself, it requires lots of education, tools, materials, and time. If you hire a professional, you wind up paying a lot for a total landscape renovation.

So you might be wondering, is an investment in landscaping really worth it?

Let’s take a look at four common signs we see that signal it is time for a homeowner to invest in their landscaping so you can decide if it is the right time for you to take the plunge.

1. You Avoid Spending Time Outdoors

You, like the majority of homeowners in Northern Michigan, likely live in the Traverse City area because of its’ natural beauty. So whether your home is situated on one of our many bodies of fresh water, in our dense forests, or in a beautiful neighborhood, getting outside especially in our warmer months is extremely important.

A major comment our clients make to us during the landscape planning process is that they are not spending as much time enjoying their outdoor space as they would like. There can be many reasons for this, but not utilizing your outdoor space to its full potential is a real bummer. I mean Kid Rock even wrote an entire song about “Summer Nights in Northern Michigan.”

To see if a landscaping project is the right fix for this issue try considering these questions:

  • Why am I not drawn to my backyard or front yard area? Think about what specifically is the issue with your outdoor space. Is it just ugly? Does it stress you out? Is there nothing to do? Or is entertaining really not for you?
  • Is there a simple fix for what makes me not want to spend time there? Maybe your backyard is filled with mosquitoes so every time you go out, you end up being eaten alive. Mosquito, flea, and tick control is an easy and budget friendly solution to help you enjoy your space. Do you have no level place to set a patio table and chairs? Maybe its time to consider a patio or a deck.
  • What would be the ideal outdoor space for myself and my family? The answer to this question is as unique as we all are. If you hate entertaining but want to be outside more, build a space that is a private and relaxing oasis for you. If having a house packed full of family and friends is your ideal, consider a large patio or outdoor kitchen to be able to host get togethers for everyone to enjoy.

2. Enjoying Your Outdoor Space Feels Stressful

If every time your look through your windows and consider going outside to enjoy your space it feels like a chore, its time to consider some landscaping. The power of landscaping is not necessarily completely transforming a space (though it can do that too). If you have just moved into your home or things have just gotten a bit out of control, a disaster landscape can feel overwhelming, unsafe, and unusable.

Landscape professionals can offer lots of options here to help alleviate the dread of dealing with a disaster landscape:

  • Your landscape requires too much maintenance- Maybe your backyard is filled with high-maintenance plantings, an outdated irrigation system, and way too much grass to mow. Landscape designers can take all of this into account and suggest low-maintenance, drought tolerant plant options, updated, set and forget irrigation solutions, or even a robotic mower that checks ‘mow the lawn’ off the list for you.
  • Your landscape is completely overgrown- Does your backyard look like a scene out of Jurassic Park? No one can see the house through the overgrown bushes, friends and family trip over uneven poorly installed pavers, you have to run through the grass that is up past your knees so you don’t get a tick, the mulch has basically transformed back into dirt, and who knows what is a weed and what is a plant. Professional landscape maintenance services can completely transform an overgrown backyard. With the knowledge and expertise to know which things are plants and which are weeds, horticulture and lawn maintenance teams can work to get your unruly landscape in shape.

3. Taking On a Landscape Project Feels Overwhelming

Maybe you know you are ready to invest in a landscaping project, but you are not really sure where to begin. With all of the landscaping companies in the Grand Traverse and Leelanau County Area, it can be hard to know which companies are trustworthy. You don’t want to have to spend hours researching products, making phone calls, and babysitting a landscaping contractor you are paying. Check out these tips to make the process feel a little easier:

  • Choose a company that offers in-house landscape design. Even better, make sure they have design software that will help you envision your project before you sign on the dotted line.
  • Before choosing a company, check out their reviews and project portfolio. This will give you an idea of the type of work they do and inspiration for your project.
  • Ask Questions at the Consultation Meeting. Most professional landscaping companies offer a consultation meeting where you get to share your ideas for the space and landscape designers listen and offer expertise. Ask about the things that are important to you. Share ideas that you want considered. Don’t have any ideas? See what the professionals suggest. This initial meeting sets the stage for what the working relationship will look like.

4. You Don’t Have the Budget for a Total Backyard Makeover

For many homeowners, landscaping is often seen as a luxury. And for certain projects, like expansive outdoor kitchens, pools, and more, the investment is significant. However, that doesn’t mean that your project has to be an enormous renovation.

Many landscaping companies offer landscape enhancements instead of renovations. Landscape enhancements tend to be smaller projects that improve the quality with which you can enjoy your outdoor space. Most landscaping companies love small to moderate size jobs too, as they can be completed quickly and offer a huge transformation for the clients. Check out a few landscape enhancements we have performed over the years to see if this option might be the best fit for you.

A great landscaping contractor can work with your budget in a variety of ways like:

  • Completing the project in phases
  • Suggesting more budget-friendly product selection like manufactured pavers vs. natural stone
  • Investing in perennial plantings instead of annual ones that need to be replaced and paid for each year
  • Choosing mulch instead of stone for landscape beds

Partnering with a Landscape Professional You Can Trust

We know you don’t want to miss out on any more beautiful Northern Michigan days.

While installing landscaping can be expensive, it really is worth the investment both in your property and your life. Landscaping enhances your home’s curb appeal, makes your yard more functional, reduces maintenance, creates a relaxing place to make memories, and can even help contribute to environmental sustainability.

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