Our designer, Cysilia, has been working her tail off learning and practicing with the new landscape design software we purchased this year. It allows clients to now see their designs and ideas visually in four different ways. The first, hand drawing, Cysilia draws out the plan literally by hand to scale. The second option, the hand drawn plan digitalized, Cysilia scans in the plan and adds text and firms up the plan using photoshop and sketchup. The third option, the DYNASCAPE plan, allows the digital plan to be customized in many more ways and look much more professional-think adding plant materials that are actual replicas of the plants to be installed, customizing the text or a fire pit. The final option, a 3D rendering, allows clients to see the project come to life and view it from different angles. If you notice, Cysilia put a reflection of the forest in the windows of the home and modeled the surrounding forest after the actual forest surrounding this clients home! We are so thankful for her creativity and the opportunity to bring our client’s ideas to life in so many different ways!